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Over the last week or so in Australia a boy with dark skin was threatened with beheading, a woman had her head smashed against a wall and was thrown off a train, mosques and cars have been vandalised, people are being abused in the street and social media is littered with hate speech and vile comments. Kind of interesting considering most of these people justify their attacks by linking Islam to terrorism and proclaiming it’s a hateful religion from violent countries. 

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within the next few weeks

im gonna make my first comedy sketch video:

"10 signs to identify a f**k-boy"

we spent a lot of time narrowing down the different archetypes, and the traits that stand out in f**k-boys. 

hopefully, once we put it out, you’ll be able to identify a f**k-boy and avoid him before his douchey-ness reaches you. 

if you have any tips and things you wanna add, feel free to message me:)

pleaseeeeeeeeeee YAAAAAAASS can I help? lol

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Hong Kong’s protesters are using the same “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture used in Ferguson

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did y’all see this shit

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please keep my dad in your prayers, I just found out he has cancer. 

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ayyye I’ll be starting my first day as a lab assistant tomorrow. I am so excited!! are you excited»!?!??!i am so excitedddfdhsfsjfsl

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حَسْبُنَا اللهُ وَنِعْمَ الْوَكِيلُ


Allah is sufficient for us, and how fine a trustee (He is).


ḥasbun-allaahu wa ni‛mal-wakeel

Sources: Al-Bukhari 5/172.

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Mohammad Al Durrah 

(September 30th, 2000) 

Never Forget. Never Forgive.

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haha today was INSANE.haven’t had such a great day in a loooong time :)

even both exams ended up being okay. 

I forgot what it was like hanging out with great people..you know, the ones that don’t make you feel like shit all the time

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